Однажды мы, группа фанатов аргентинского танго из Челябинска, решили перевести замечательную книгу-сайт «Tango and Chaos in Buenos Aires».
Автор Rick McGarrey любезно разрешил нам сделать перевод и воспользоваться материалами сайта.

From: Anna Kuryndina
To: McGarrey


We’re from Russia, Chelyabinsk. We’re fond of tango. You site is really helpful for us and our community. So we decided to translate it into Russian to share your experience and knowledge with everybody. Therefore, I'm writing this email asking you for the permission to translate the contents of tangoandchaos into Russian and use all entries including video and audio materials and post them on our website, which is under construction.

Best regards,
Anna Kuryndina and Andrey Saplin

From: McGarrey
To: Anna Kuryndina

Dear Anna,

We're glad you like tangoandchaos, and we would be happy for you to translate it and use it on your site. I hope it helps you enjoy tango!